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Top 3 Debt Collection Agencies in New York

Under supervision and governance put in place by the government to protect consumers, debt collecting agencies cooperate with creditors such as banks, telecom companies, loan lenders and healthcare facilities in collecting the debt. The type of agencies may differ on the type of debt they collect. Following are the top 3 debt collection agencies in new york.


Progressive Financial Services:

Progressive Financial Services is a private corporation founded on May 5th, 1995.  The mission of the Founder was to create a company that provides better services to its client and the consumers. It is a national collection agency. The Progressive Financial Services has its offices in Arizona and Pennsylvania. The corporate motto of the agency is “Mediation, not Confrontation. The motto describes the method in which their employees are trained to communicate with consumers.

Services provided:

Progressive Financial Services is a verdict collection agency. It has over 15 years of experience in debt collecting business in a variety of market sections which include banks, Telecom agencies, loan lender and healthcare facilities. The collection method that Progressive Financial Services applies is the method which has been proven successful in other collection projects. Progressive is bonded and licensed in all states of U.S.  They use a progressive tracing method to increase right party contacts.

Capital Collection, LLC:

The company was started in the year 1996. The company has its headquarters in Fresno, California. The company is an expert in commercial, agricultural collections, retail, tenant/ landlord, and medical collections. The company is an active member in California Association of Collectors, Inc. It also has membership in American Collectors Association. They train their employees in all types of conditions such as FDCPA, FCRA, and HITECH. They claim to provide high levels of security to both employee and debtor’s information. The methods of skip tracing and asset investigations are effective in Capital Collection. They control all aspects and situations of the disputes with their attorney, Steven R. Hrdlicka, and Accurate Attorney services.

Foster & Garbus LLP:

The company was established in 1970. Ronald Forster and Mark A.Garbus are the founders of Foster & Garbus LLP. The law firm focuses on the rights of creditors. They concentrate on surpassing compliance in legal collections in federal law or state law or the client’s guidelines. The approach they use is aligning the needs of our clients with the needs of the customers. They aim to treat all consumers with respect while endorsing the highest standards of a legal profession.  They accept several forms of payments to provide better service to the consumers.