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How to face the debt collector

Debt collectors are known to be play hard ball when it comes to your debt. They tend to tread on that fine line a lot and sometimes they end up breaking the law to get what they want. Here in this article, we have looked into the rights that you have and how you can stay at a high ground when you are in a sticky situation with a debt collector.

  1. Hard evidence

Ensure that your debt collector provides you with a hard copy of the evidence to you. If he or she isn’t then you are not guilty under the debt collection act. Most people tend to listen to their debt collectors on face value, but by law they are required to submit all the necessary documents to collect debt.

  1. Extension

Say for example, you have some issue with the evidence provided to you by the debt collector. Then in that case, send in an official email citing your issue to the agency. You have a time period of 30 days up to which you can send in the email. The email will then be reviewed and if the agency finds that your email holds weight to the argument then the debt will be cleared, but the chances of that occurring is slim to nil. This strategy is often used to give yourself some extra time to get the money that is required to be paid to clear the debt.


  1. Keep track

Keep a track of all conversations that might arise as a result of your meetings and phone calls with the debt collector. You can either record all your meetings with the debt collector or take notes of each session. Having a paper trail will give your attorney that much needed essence to help you out, if the debt collector or the agency breaks the law. Make sure to never delete any voicemail or any form of message that was sent to you from the debt collector.

In essence there are quite a few things that a debt collector cannot do and if your debt collector or anyone from the agency resorts to such actions, then you have enough legal high ground to take legal action against them. Some of the things that your debt collector cannot do are as follows:

  1. Use swear words of any kind
  2. They can’t keep calling you over and over again.
  3. They are not allowed to call you before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m.
  4. They have to accurately declare your debt; false debt amount is subject to legal action.
  5. Talking to a third party about a debt amount can result in sanctions and legal action.