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RAPID and DYNAMIC debt recovery

Since its inception in 1986 Newman DCA has prided itself in offering a high quality consumer debt collection service. With over a decade and a half of experience Newman DCA has grown into one of the UK’s foremost consumer collection agencies. Today its specialist consumer collection teams work on behalf of many leading retail organisations and financial institutions.

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what we do

Every day the company contacts in excess of 3000 new debtors and annually handle in excess of £200,000,000 of overdue and delinquent accounts.


At Newman DCA we pride ourselves in offering a flexible system for banking and accounting. We can bank cheques on a clients behalf and account to them after an agreed period of time. Alternatively we can instruct debtors to make cheques payable to our client and sent to us. Newman DCA can deduct fees or invoice clients on a weekly or monthly basis. As a client of Newman DCA you will also receive regular reports on the progress of all the accounts placed with us for collection.


Working for major companies with large consumer ledgers is both very challenging and competitive. Some of our larger clients utilise the “champion v challenger” scenario, using more than one collection agency and allocate work on a best performance basis. At Newman DCA we relish these situations and our track record shows that our collection performance is second to none. What’s more we have the stamina and resilience to keep going whilst other agencies fall by the wayside.



"I would also like to have a little time to allow you to know how very happy we are with your bureau. Each January I really do a complete year to year comparison. I do not need to search through any documents at all -- it's evident from the figures precisely when we switched our collection over to Simon's. I personally especially love how every time that I have some interaction with somebody out of Simon's, it is professional and superbly pleasant! Thank you for everything that you do to us -- we genuinely enjoy it"

Evan Ingles

"I only wanted to say thank you for assisting us with this exceptionally challenging financial dilemma and have it turned into viable. Nobody likes to be in this sort of scenario, but when placed here with somebody like you around the other end listening and really helping find a remedy is terrific. I did receive the payment of $600 from the email, again thank you for the kindness and non‐judgmental attitude. "

Latest News

How to face the debt collector


Debt collectors are known to be play hard ball when it comes to your debt. They tend to tread on that fine line a lot and sometimes they end up breaking the law to get what they want. Here in this article, we have looked into the rights that you have and how you can stay at a high ground when you are in a sticky situation with a debt collector.

  1. Hard evidence

Ensure that your debt collector provides you with a hard copy of the evidence to you. If he or she isn’t then you are not guilty under the debt collection act. Most people tend to listen to their debt collectors on face value, but by law they are required to submit all the necessary documents to collect debt.

  1. Extension

Say for example, you have some issue with the evidence provided to you by the debt collector. Then in that case, send in an official email citing your issue to the agency. You have a time period of 30 days up to which you can send in the email. The email will then be reviewed and if the agency finds that your email holds weight to the argument then the debt will be cleared, but the chances of that occurring is slim to nil. This strategy is often used to give yourself some extra time to get the money that is required to be paid to clear the debt.


  1. Keep track

Keep a track of all conversations that might arise as a result of your meetings and phone calls with the debt collector. You can either record all your meetings with the debt collector or take notes of each session. Having a paper trail will give your attorney that much needed essence to help you out, if the debt collector or the agency breaks the law. Make sure to never delete any voicemail or any form of message that was sent to you from the debt collector.

In essence there are quite a few things that a debt collector cannot do and if your debt collector or anyone from the agency resorts to such actions, then you have enough legal high ground to take legal action against them. Some of the things that your debt collector cannot do are as follows:

  1. Use swear words of any kind
  2. They can’t keep calling you over and over again.
  3. They are not allowed to call you before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m.
  4. They have to accurately declare your debt; false debt amount is subject to legal action.
  5. Talking to a third party about a debt amount can result in sanctions and legal action.

Skipping the Traditional Career and Funding Your Own Business as an Entrepreneur


For many people all around the world, having a job that pays the average salary and doesn’t suffice to their individual and career’s growth can lead to quite the unhappy individual, as well as a ton of regret.

Due to the fact that we only get to live one life and are taught to go to school for about 12 years, before we have to attend more school in order to receive a higher education, which will then ultimately land you your ‘dream’ job, is the reality we are faced with today.

What usually follows after the entire experience of being educated and getting a job, the next step would be to work towards promotions, eventually get to the highest position in your field if you work hard towards it and then, when you’re old enough, retire with a good amount of savings.

This is the average life of those who choose it, but what about the entrepreneurs of the 21st century? I mean, thank your technology, because if we didn’t have the opportunity to explore as much information as we wanted on the internet, the average lifestyle would’ve been all we were left with.

There has been a massive shift in society. Just because you got good grades, does not mean you’ll make it the way you want to make it, that is unless you break the average set of rules.

Starting Your Own Business and E-Commerce Store

Might we just emphasize for a moment the importance of the internet and its innovative abilities to turn our ideas into something spectacular and the opportunity to create a legacy?

If you’re the one that took the leap of not going to college, exploring different grounds, paying attention to the growth of the internet, the digital space, marketing, social media and communicating effectively with your audience, then you’re on the track to becoming an entrepreneur and if you are planning on starting your own brand, company and website, as well as sell your products/ services online, just how will you go about doing it?

One of the biggest factors to consider, is getting your business financed, as with any but with tremendous risk involved, just how can you fund your online store and presence effectively?



How to Fund Your E-Commerce Store

  • Personal Savings – A wise man once said, that you should live a basic and minimalistic lifestyle in your 20’s and put all the money you saved into one savings account and leave it. Could you imagine if you didn’t buy anything unnecessary and saved money for let’s say, 5 years? You’d have quite the nest if you’re dedicated to funding it and not spend impulsively.
  • An Interest-free Loan from Your Family – Now, while most people don’t like the idea of borrowing money from their families, it might be your best option as taking out a loan at the bank could come with up to 20-25% interest rates that you have to pay back. If you’re starting your own business, you’ll have to use all of your profits in the first few years to pay the bank back which I don’t know about you, but that’s not a good option for an entrepreneur.
  • A Peer-to-Peer Loan – One can now make a loan through an online network. These loans are usually unsecured business loans and can lend you up to $100,000 at interest rates starting as low as 6% with the duration of one to 5 years to pay back. These rates can increase to up to 29%, depending on how big the loan is and how fast you pay the network back. Some of the best online networks for trusted loans include Lending Club and Prosper.
  • Traditional Bank Loans – Although difficult to obtain, taking out a loan from your bank usually includes fees that are charged with interest and might even require collateral. Interest rates can vary from 6% to 9% and usually have a duration-payback period of 5 years.
  • Credit Cards – Although creating debt is considered not the best way to go about funding your business, it is an easy and quick way to access funds immediately for your business. The downside, however, takes us back to massive interest rates.

How to strengthen your debt recovery strategies


If you want to reduce costs, you need to develop a good debt recovery strategy which will save you money and time. Especially when your accounting department is having a reduction in their budget you need to improve your debt recovery strategies to maximise your resources. The following are some of the ways how you can strengthen your debt recovery strategies:

Locating the debtors who are hard to find:

One of the first things you need to do is locate all your debtors who are hard to find. You need to find all the contact information of the debtors, and you will be able to approach them easily. If you happen to have an extensive database of all your consumers, you will be able to get the contact information of all your debtors easily.

Prioritising collections:

You need to identify an account which has some of the highest payment potentials, analyse their industry trends and other testing strategies and prioritise your collections accordingly. You can use a third party analysis to understand which customer has the best financial health and make your targets accordingly.

Keep monitoring:

Monitoring debt accounts will enable you to analyse if the customer can return the money. Once the customer’s ability to pay increases you can collect the unpaid balance; you can do this by monitoring an accounts credit score and its usage patterns. By doing this, you can collect your debt before your competition does.


Make it easy for your customers:

Everyone knows that customers need to have an easy method to pay back the money. But very often this essential element is overlooked. You need to make sure that your company offers all standard payment methods also ensure that all your invoices have the correct contact information. Your payment envelope needs to have the correct remittance address.

Review your company on various procedures:

Before pointing the fingers at others, we need to first check if everything from our side is proper. You can check all the proceedings of the company and determine if there is anything wrong with your party. For instance, you can check if your invoices are being sent on time, if the information on the invoices is accurate and if they were sent to the correct address. You also need to check if follow up contact is made with the customers on a regular basis and if your firm keeps the delivery and quality promises.

Provide an online platform for your customers:

In this digital world, everyone prefers to pay online and make cashless transactions. To make your debt collections much easier you can enable the usage of digital platforms where you can negotiate with your debtors and will allow them to pay the past due online. You don’t have to run behind them, or they don’t have to take the time to come to the place you want them when you have an online platform where all the negotiation and payments can be done.

The 5 Best Countries to Start a Business and Thrive Financially


Although the reality of starting a business is being able to do it anywhere in the world, starting a business in an environment or space that is tactful towards making sales and getting you ‘on the map’ is probably better.

Opening a business in the snow of Canada for instance, unless you’re close to a city or town, won’t be able to support your finances. Same goes for starting a business in an area where the economic climate is very low. If you place your idea in such an environment, in comparison with placing it in an environment where it can thrive, you’ll definitely see the difference. Not only your business’ annual revenue but also its status, popularity and the amount of traffic that become new customers or clients.

So, just which countries do make the list and is the list ever consistent? The answer is no. The best countries to start a new business change annually. Some hopefuls remain, but due to the economy’s constant fluctuating algorithm, it’s never same.

Perhaps you could guess which countries are ranked as the best. The U.S., France, the United Arab Emirates, England or Australia? The answer is no again. Although some of the most successful and rich countries in the world, none of these, in fact, made it to the list.


The following, however, did.

The Best of the Best for Business


Moving away from London, Denmark made 2018’s list as the number one country to start and grow a business in, in the world. Although small, Denmark is considered one of the world’s best entrepreneurial countries. The reason is that its government makes it quite easy for anyone to start a business, not just its economy.

New Zealand

As one of the countries down under that made the list, being much smaller than Australia, it’s quite a shock that the Aussie land didn’t make the list. New Zealand, however, had an impressive 20 years of investment from its government which transformed the entire economy to become industrialized, a free-market, as well as extremely globally competitive.


Ranking as another best from entrepreneurial endeavours, Ireland turns out to be one of the top countries when it comes to personal freedom as well. What makes it even more accessible to market and grow a new business, is its incredibly low taxes on business. Plus, it’s a beautiful country too.


Hong Kong

Not to forget about the great Hong Kong…  As a territory of China, Hong Kong has one of the lowest tax burdens when it comes to business with lower government requirements. Taking a look at Alibaba, you could’ve guessed Hong Kong made it to the list.


Well, of course, Canada made it to the list. This country has had a major economic transformation from being mostly rural to evolving into an urban and industrialized environment that’s perfect for business. Canada thus ranks as one of the best countries to start a business.


Saving Money and Reducing Your Credit

save money

News flash. You might have noticed that the economy has taken a knock globally. Well, whether it will get worse before it gets better, which is usually the case when the economy gets worse than usual, somehow society in each and every country always find a way to get back on their feet and thrive.

With that being said, so can you. The main problem in society and the many reasons why we get into trouble regarding our financial status is due to paying for things we cannot afford. This tends to raise a lot of problems without some even realizing it.

Paying for something that you can’t afford might seem like a daily ritual that is presented in society as normal. On the contrary, however, it’s like a big scheme and you’re the bait. Every time you go to a store and receive a discount because you made either a payment or received a voucher upon buying something, you’re automatically given a chance or opportunity to buy more. This can lead to consistent buying that raises your credit card and monthly payment bills so high that you end up having more to pay than you bargained for.

With hundreds of millions of people in debt all across the globe, remaining in debt for years, even though they’ve stopped buying, could be detrimental to your lifestyle and your bank account.

Just how do you stop buying and how can you prevent getting into credit, or even just more credit?

Different Ways to Save Money and Invest to Get Ahead

Ask and Be Informed

One simple thing you can do when either opening a new account, agreeing to certain terms or ‘extras’ and paying for the things that you probably don’t need, is ask questions.

Ever thought that the product you plan on buying might have a cheaper version of it? Ask yourself a couple of questions as well and think whether you can get the same product for free, whether you can get a cheaper version of it, as well as whether you’ll be able to exchange it for something else. Thanks, Flipkart and eBay.


Boost Your Credit

Sounds crazy right. Why would you want to boost your credit if it includes a direct temptation to buy more? Well, having great credit, practising control or even just not using it at all might earn you more than ever before. If you can strive towards keeping your credit in great condition, then you can get the lowest interest rates on, pretty much everything. A win-win for both your bank account and your future payments.

How to boost your credit

Start with paying your bills on time which will add points to your perfect score. Also, be sure not to max out your credit cards. Just because you’ve got $10,000 on your card, does not mean you should be using it. It’s also important to avoid all bad forms of credit and lastly, keep your old and fully paid accounts open for all the credit gurus to see. Extra points for you.

Shop Mindfully

When shopping or deciding on buying that new car, think to yourself, do you really need it? Perhaps a car with a lower interest rate will do? Maybe, you’ll even find one that has half the interest elsewhere. Always be mindful of where and what you buy. Also, be sure to compare prices before you make any purchase.




How Mortgages Work

Mortgages could be one of the most important and common part of buying a home. Nevertheless, they are also one of the greatest misunderstood concepts. Whether you are searching for your very first home, or you need just a good clarification, how mortgages work here is a guideline.

What is Mortgage?

Mortgage simply means a bank loan or any financial institution, which enables you to meet the cost of a new home. It is a legal agreement between you and the bank acknowledging that you owe the bank money, plus some interest thereon. Unless you could be having cash money to buy the property, you will need a mortgage.


Get Mortgage Pre-approved

The first step is getting a pre-approval from the loan a financing institution. However, it is very important to know that pre-qualification and pre-approval are two distinct processes. For you to be pre-approved, the bank will have to check your account and other financial information, which will determine the price of a home you can afford. For you to get this pre- approval of a standard home it might take some few days.


Generally, a real estate agent or a broker might take 30 to 60 days on average to find a home. Therefore, if you are in a hurry of getting one right away, you will be required to initiate the pre-approval process immediately. This will help you in case you find a house earlier. It is important to get pre-approved by a reputable institution.


Nevertheless, some people prefer getting pre-qualified before pre-approved. A mortgage qualification is typically assessment of the mortgage you can comfortably qualify.


Shop for the Right Mortgage

Just like how you can shop for a car before purchasing it, that is how you should carry out a research on the different type of mortgage. You should be able to find out one that suits you well financially. The common types of loans available are adjustable rate mortgage, fixed rate mortgage, or ARM.


On the case of the fixed rate, the interest remains constant over the loan duration. It is best choice for any person who likes knowing that mortgage payment shall never rise. ARM begins with a low interest rate during the first few years; later adjust soon after predetermined period. Normally this takes five years based on the house market. Therefore, it is a risk loan noting that the interest can rise significantly. However,r there are laws in place to control the rates from shooting to high levels.


Mortgages have terms or duration for how long to make monthly payments. The most common terms are 15 years or 30 years. For you to find mortgage, inquire with the non-bank lenders, mortgage brokers, or your bank. Once you find a home that suits you, proceed to the bank or your financial institution to obtain actual mortgage loan.

Top 3 Debt Collection Agencies in New York


Under supervision and governance put in place by the government to protect consumers, debt collecting agencies cooperate with creditors such as banks, telecom companies, loan lenders and healthcare facilities in collecting the debt. The type of agencies may differ on the type of debt they collect. Following are the top 3 debt collection agencies in new york.


Progressive Financial Services:

Progressive Financial Services is a private corporation founded on May 5th, 1995.  The mission of the Founder was to create a company that provides better services to its client and the consumers. It is a national collection agency. The Progressive Financial Services has its offices in Arizona and Pennsylvania. The corporate motto of the agency is “Mediation, not Confrontation. The motto describes the method in which their employees are trained to communicate with consumers.

Services provided:

Progressive Financial Services is a verdict collection agency. It has over 15 years of experience in debt collecting business in a variety of market sections which include banks, Telecom agencies, loan lender and healthcare facilities. The collection method that Progressive Financial Services applies is the method which has been proven successful in other collection projects. Progressive is bonded and licensed in all states of U.S.  They use a progressive tracing method to increase right party contacts.

Capital Collection, LLC:

The company was started in the year 1996. The company has its headquarters in Fresno, California. The company is an expert in commercial, agricultural collections, retail, tenant/ landlord, and medical collections. The company is an active member in California Association of Collectors, Inc. It also has membership in American Collectors Association. They train their employees in all types of conditions such as FDCPA, FCRA, and HITECH. They claim to provide high levels of security to both employee and debtor’s information. The methods of skip tracing and asset investigations are effective in Capital Collection. They control all aspects and situations of the disputes with their attorney, Steven R. Hrdlicka, and Accurate Attorney services.

Foster & Garbus LLP:

The company was established in 1970. Ronald Forster and Mark A.Garbus are the founders of Foster & Garbus LLP. The law firm focuses on the rights of creditors. They concentrate on surpassing compliance in legal collections in federal law or state law or the client’s guidelines. The approach they use is aligning the needs of our clients with the needs of the customers. They aim to treat all consumers with respect while endorsing the highest standards of a legal profession.  They accept several forms of payments to provide better service to the consumers.

Penalties for Late Payment of Commercial Debts

Commercial Debts

Under the law of collection of debts, whenever a consumer or a business client fails to pay the debt on time, late payment interest can be claimed from the client or consumer. This applies to all financial transactions with any kind of businesses and government authorities.

Commercial Debts


  • You must have completed your legal and contractual requirements.
  • The consumer is responsible for the delay.

The client cannot claim late payment interest:

  • In transactions with consumers;
  • If the statement is for compensation payment for damages.

In some countries, late payment interest is not applicable if the consumer is going through bankruptcy proceedings.

When is a payment restricted as late?

Fixed payment deadline:

The client can claim late payment interest from the first day after the deadline.

  • If the consumer is a governmental authority, the payment will be made within 30 days.
  • If the consumer is another company, the period of extension of payment date cannot exceed over 60 days.

Payment period not specified in the legal statement :

  • The interest becomes essentially payable after 30 calendar days if the date is not specified.
  • If the client does not know the date of when the invoice was received, the interest can be claimed after 30 days from delivering the product or the service.
  • If the billing statement is sent to the client before the delivery of the product or service, the due date starts only after delivery.
  • Interest for late payment:
  • The legal late payment interest rate composes of the sum of the reference rate and an additional rate set by respective country. Governmental authorities or not allowed to fix lower interest rates.

Statutory interest rate (%/year) :

  • The reference rate for the European countries not using the euro is set by the national central banks.

Compensation for recovery costs:

  • In addition to the fixed interest due, you are entitled to a minimum fixed sum of EUR 40 as compensation for recovery costs. The client is entitled to receive a further reasonable compensation for recovery costs from the debtors exceeding the fixed sum and incurred due to the late payment.

Late payment E-Helpdesk:

  • For information on the late payment, you can contact the E-Helpdesk:
  • The authority also invites companies and individuals to share information on the application of the regulations their respective countries and to send any confirmation of issues experienced when applying the rights consulted by the directive or regulations.

How to Become a Debt Collector

Debt Collector

Debt collectors and collecting agents are in charge of collecting risky debts and delayed payments. Debt collectors cooperate with the clients or business consumers in tracing missing debtors or governing legal debt collection procedures. They negotiate a settlement with the client over an agreed payment plan. Credit controllers function in the credit control department. They assist in chasing and tracing late payments from the company’s suppliers and customers. A high school diploma or an equivalent is required to qualify as a debt collector.

Debt collectors or collection agents usually work with third party agencies and are required to make field visits to debtor’s home to recover the debt. The debt will be recovered over legal procedures. During the process, a debt collector’s role is to serve as per court regulations and orders, and follow a legal scheme or framework.

Debt collectors generally work on shifts and also during weekends to contact the debtors who usually work during the day.

Debt Collector

What does it take to become a debt collector?

To become a debt collector one should have,

  • Good written and verbal communication skill
  • A confident but polite approach
  • Be able to work under strict deadlines and pressure
  • Good governance and IT skills
  • Effective negotiation skills and ability to explain financial terms and conditions clearly
  • Be able to understand relatable legal and court procedures.

Though no specific requirement is required to enter this profession, these skills can be advantageous.

The process of getting a debt collecting license:

Anyone who decides to conduct the business or functions of collecting a debt or performing activities of a debt collector will require a license as specified under the Act. Executing a debt collecting process without a license is a serious offense.

To obtain a license one must be:

  • A fit and able-bodied person
  • A person of good character and reputation; and
  • 21 years of age or more

Application for the license of debt collecting is available online. Your application for debt collecting license will be referred to the commissioner of police to make inquiries into whether you are an appropriate person to hold a license.

A license will not be issued without security or a bank guarantee in the recognized proforma or a bond in the form recommended by the Debt Collectors Licensing Regulations, 1964. The bank guarantee must be original and for the amount of:

$6,000 for a natural person license

$10,000 for a company license

If a bond is terminated during the license period, the license will be suspended until the bond is replaced.


Debt Recovery Strategies

Debt Recovery Strategies

The process of collecting debts effectively, whether commercial or consumer requires patience and intensity. The best debt collectors have developed their skills over years of experience, learning the strategies aim to push the debtors towards making payments.  For new collectors who haven’t yet developed their skills on debt collecting process, there are some simple strategies to get started.

Debt Recovery Strategies

Guidelines of a debt collector:

The most crucial thing for a new collector is to remember while contacting debtors not to use abusive language or aggressive collection techniques. This is a common mistake a collector can make. Collectors should never threaten or blackmail a debtor during the collection process. While contacting the debtors, it is mandatory to demand precise action. The debt collector should set specific deadlines for payments and if the due goes beyond the deadline contact the debtor the next day.

The debt collectors should make reasonable demands to the debtors. The debt collector should find out the reason for the delay in payment and utilize the information to develop a solution to the problem satisfying both the debtor and the creditor. If a debtor cannot afford to pay the money, there is no point in forcing the debtor to pay the whole amount in one go. The debtor is likely to get more frustrated, and the creditor does not receive anything. The solution is to create a payment plan to initiate the flow of money to the creditor which does not force the debtor into financial trouble.

Effective strategies for debt recovery:

  1. Have a written policy on how to deal with a bad debt: Having a plan on how to deal with a bad debt is an important aspect of debt collecting. The written policy includes the following step by step instruction.
  • Setting a time limit
  • Contacting the client by phone
  • Sending reminder notices
  • Issuing a demand letter
  • Handing the matter over to a debt collecting agency
  1. Make sure the customers understand the terms and conditions of the contract: Before approving a credit account make sure the client has read the terms and conditions, you will have a better chance of the customer honoring the terms and makes the payment on time.
  2. 3. Request for a deposit before the goods are received: For larger purchase and new clients that don’t have a proven trade history, it is safe to request for a deposit or advance payment of the goods.
  3. Implement progress payments for services: Some industries use progress payments as normal service.
  4. 5. Maintain accurate records: Maintaining perfect records of all the transactions help in preventing bad debts.
  5. Document all dealings with the customers: Documenting phone calls, visits, dealings with customers will be invaluable if the account has to be settled legally.
  6. Hand the debt over to a collection agency if the time limit is exceeded: It is mandatory not to let a bad debt stay for a long period of time. Handling the debt over to a collection agency is a wise thing to do. The collection agencies are experts in the recovery of overdue debts.